About us

Questionmark is a Dutch non-profit organisation founded in 2013. We incentivize food manufacturers and retailers to compete on the sustainability and healthiness of their products, rather than on price alone. Radical transparency and engaged consumers are the keys to transform the status quo into a race to the top – and allow a new and sustainable food system to emerge.

We are creating a market-driven movement towards healthy and sustainable products.

The production of fast moving consumer goods is responsible for: sixty percent of global CO2-emissions; three quarters of forced and child labor; nearly two thirds of tropical deforestation; and a vast amount of lifestyle related diseases.

Of all industries producing consumer products, the food industry has one of the highest impacts on our personal health, the environment, human rights and animal welfare. Direct change needs to happen within companies and their supply chains, but for that, also in consumer’s trends and demand for healthy and sustainable products.

To spur competition between companies through transparency, we:

  1. collect health and sustainability data on all supermarket products, and make this information easily findable through our website and app.
  2. rank products and brands per category, from the most to the least healthy and sustainable, according to science-based methodologies – providing insights for companies to improve their products and supply chains.
  3. target influential, critical and trendsetting consumers, media and policy makers. We convey information in a neutral voice so people can form their own opinions, while encouraging them to take their values and opinions with them into the public debate and into the supermarket.
  4. challenge supermarkets to make healthy and sustainably the easy choice for consumers. Read more about Superlist.


We monitor the impact we have on producers - including farmers and factories - adjusting their supply chains and reformulating their products, supermarkets changing their assortments and marketing, companies in general becoming more transparent in their communication on health and sustainability, and certification schemes lifting their standards. Read more in our impact stories.

Organisation and board

Questionmark is independent and politically impartial. Questionmark decides independently how to apply its research methodology and which products to include. This means that donors, partner organizations, public authorities and other interested parties have no influence whatsoever on our research and product scores. In addition, our public annual report presents all our sources of funding and details of our spending. Questionmark’s subsidiary QM intelligence has the exclusive right to use the Questionmark database. Questionmark is not a quality certificate and does not issue any such certification.

Questionmark has a statutory board. The board appoints the directors and decides on the strategy of Questionmark, which is carried out by the team. Besides this, Questionmark has an advisory council with various experts and stakeholders of the relevant areas Questionmark operates in. The scientific advisory board advises on the methodology.

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