About us

Questionmark carries out independent research into the environmental friendliness, labour conditions, animal welfare and health aspects of consumer products. It uses a unique database containing the information on labels of over 50,000 supermarket products on offer in Dutch supermarkets. We expand and update this database daily so that you really know what you’re buying.


At Questionmark we believe you have a right to know what you’re buying. The right to know where your food is sourced, how it’s produced and how healthy it is. We believe that radical transparency in the food sector leads to increased competition in terms of qualitative values such as sustainability and health. With your help we aim to accelerate the process of making production chains sustainable and to encourage healthier choices.


Questionmark doesn’t offer recommendations, but rather it helps people make informed choices. By offering insight into the sustainability and healthiness of food products, we aim to motivate as many people as possible to be more aware of what they buy.

The Questionmark method

Questionmark has developed its own research methodology which is based as much as possible on scientific standards and which we regularly review in consultation with universities, NGOs, quality certifiers and other stakeholders.

Who is it for?

Questionmark is for consumers, social organizations and businesses.

Questionmark is independent and politically impartial. Questionmark decides independently how to apply its research methodology and which products to include. This means that donors, partner organizations, public authorities and other interested parties have no influence whatsoever on our research and product scores. In addition, our annual report presents all our sources of funding and details of our spending. The annual report is vetted by an accountant and filed at the Chamber of Commerce. Questionmark’s subsidiary QM Intelligence has the exclusive right to use the Questionmark database. Questionmark is not a quality certificate and does not issue any such certification.

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