Superlist Health

A Healthy Supermarket

A supermarket can't make its customers healthier. However, supermarkets can make healthy food the easiest choice. In recent years, supermarkets have taken more and more measures to help achieve this.

With Superlist Health, we show which supermarkets are leading the way and which are still lagging behind. For this study, we are collaborating with four civil society organisations representing health interests: the Heart Foundation, the Diabetes Research Foundation, the Kidney Foundation, and the Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation.

Research Method

In this study we compare supermarkets on four topics:

Is the supermarket striving to sell more healthy products? And does the supermarket also try to sell fewer unhealthy products?

How much of the assortment comprises products from the ‘Wheel of Five’? And for products outside the ‘Wheel of Five’, how unhealthy are they?

Do the promotions in the weekly brochure help with healthy shopping?

Does the shop's layout help with healthy shopping? For example, is there candy on display at the checkout, or not? Or does the supermarket provide warnings about products which are high in sugar or low in fibre?

Based on the Superlist research method and these four topics, we developed the comparative criteria under the supervision of the Scientific Board.

› Full comparative criteria for Health 2020 (not available in English)


This health study started on 30th June 2020, and runs until 19th August 2020. We expect to publish the results in September 2020.

Superlist Method