Superlist Method

Research Themes

Superlist compares the extent to which supermarkets make healthy and sustainable food the easy choice. Over the next few years, four Superlists will be published periodically, each focusing on a different theme:

  • Health (2020)
  • Environment (2021)
  • Human Rights (2021)
  • Animal Welfare (2022)

Comparative Criteria

In order to compare supermarkets on these themes, we need clear comparative criteria. We draw up these criteria in collaboration with civil society organisations, scientists, and other experts. We always do this separately for each theme. The criteria for the Health theme have already been completed.

Comparative criteria for Health

Research Framework

When defining criteria and carrying out the research, we adhere to the Superlist research framework. This research framework lays down a number of basic agreements that apply to the entire Superlist project. For example: how do we ensure that the criteria offer a clear insight, that the research is conducted fairly, and who do we allow to have a say in the decisions we make at any given time? If it is necessary to adjust the research framework in the interim, this is always done in consultation with the Scientific Board.

› The Superlist research framework (not available in English)

Scientific Board

The research methods for all Superlists will be established under the supervision of the Scientific Board. The experts on this Board ensure that the comparison of supermarkets is fair and contributes to the improvement of the food system.

› Scientific Board

Questionmark method

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