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Sustainable Food

Superlist Green focuses on sustainability, and within this theme, specifically on environment and nature. For Superlist Green, Questionmark has investigated the eight largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands for the extent to which they help their customers choose a sustainable diet. The research addresses the main problems that require solutions and to which supermarkets can make a substantial contribution.

Which supermarkets are taking the lead?

Based on the research findings and a predetermined weighting, we have compiled a ranking of supermarkets. The ranking shows which supermarkets are among the frontrunners, middle brackets and laggards to the extent they help their customers choose sustainable.

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For Superlist Green we worked together with Natuur & Milieu, Natuurmonumenten and Mighty Earth.

Superlist Green is also supported by Stichting DOEN and Triodos Foundation.

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Superlist Green - Press release

Press release - Dutch supermarkets do not meet their sustainability commitments