Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Questionmark? 

    Questionmark is an independent organization that collects product information and converts it in an objective way into scores on the sustainability of products, in the areas of the environment, human rights, animal welfare and health. Questionmark makes those scores and underlying information accessible and transparent via a website and apps. Questionmark uses the expertise of companies, social organizations and research institutions to assess the product information.

    Questionmark collects information about products and production methods in a database.There are currently more than 50,000 products in the Questionmark database. The Questionmark website and mobile apps make the information in the database easily accessible and searchable.

  • How does the website work 

    You can easily look up products on the Questionmark website. At a glance you can see the scores of the researched product and the scores of alternative products.

    Questionmark wants the website to make all knowledge accessible to people without a smartphone. The website can make an extra contribution to the transparency about products.

  • What is Transparent on Sustainability? 

    Questionmark is collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Wageningen University, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and companies on an improved method for displaying the sustainability of food products. TSC has determined the most issues for each production chain and asks companies to indicate which measures they take to tackle these issues. This method is still under development. In the meantime Questionmark indicates whether a product bears top certificates or (other logos or quality marks) and on which these top certificates focus. Read more about the developments here.

  • The sustainability scores are gone. Why? 

    Questionmark is collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Wageningen University, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and companies on an improved method for displaying the sustainability of food products. The report figures were sometimes difficult to explain precisely and Questionmark took a lot of time to do research for each category. Moreover, we would like to join internationally recognized methods to reflect sustainability, so that it is clear for all parties and produces as little administration as possible. Read more about this initiative.

  • The scores for health have changed. Why is there no 'no' to be seen anymore? 

    Questionmark is always working on improving its information and discusses this with all parties involved. Various stakeholders (government, Nutrition Center and companies) have indicated 'no' to find a judgment that is too black and white, which does not always do justice to a product. An example is vegetables from a jar. This sometimes contains added sugar and salt. Due to the guidelines of the wheel of five, such a product falls into the lowest health category, but of course this is not the same as a chocolate bar, which also falls into that category. By changing 'no' to 'least healthy' we do more justice to these types of products, because they are the least healthy in their category. Read more about our health scores.

  • How does the scan app work? 

    If you want to know the score of a product quickly, you can look it up in the app with the search function or you can choose a category. Those who are in the store or in front of the refrigerator can use the app to scan the barcode and read whether a product has (top) quality marks and whether a product is healthy.

  • What is Green Voice and I do not see anything about it anymore on the website? 

    GreenVoice is a unique panel of conscious consumers who, at the request of Questionmark, speak out about topics relating to health and sustainability. Questionmark and QM intelligence used the insights from this group of consumers to encourage and facilitate companies to make their products more sustainable and healthier. However, Questionmark is a small organization and we always have to make choices about the projects we work on. Unfortunately, we had to put the GreenVoice panel on hold for a moment. As soon as we have capacity again, we will definitely pick it up again.

  • What is Checkit? And why can not I find out about it on the website anymore? 

    Checkit is the simple shopping list that you always have on hand and can easily share. Questionmark has decided not to develop Checkit for the time being, because we are busy with other things to make it easier to do sustainable and healthy shopping. The app can still be used.

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