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The power of Questionmark product rankings

May 14, 2018

Questionmark helps the consumer to be well informed and choose for healthier and more sustainable food products. With our product rankings, you can easily understand the health and sustainability of a specific product group so that it is just a little easier to make a conscious choice. Not only are there many consumers who use our rankings to choose, they also encourage brands to make their product ranges more sustainable and healthier.

How does a product ranking come about?

By means of the label declarations from the Questionmark database, Questionmark researchers determine the most important health and sustainability issues of a specific product group. For example, with ready-to-use tomato soup salt is an important point of attention; that is why salt gets a weighting of 50% while sugars and labels both weigh for 25%. We compare the products of the largest Dutch supermarkets using these variables.

Product rankings as a 'crowbar'

Every month, Questionmark publishes a new ranking about another product group. Questionmark is not a campaigning organization and we find it important to give the producers a voice too. Before the publication of a ranking, food brands are given the opportunity to give a reaction, which we will also publish. There are already several large producers who have indicated that the benchmarks have encouraged them to make positive changes.

Struik is constantly working on improving her products. Nevertheless, the 'QM-wijzer' has made us think and we will investigate whether our soups can also be produced without added sugars.

Struik Food Europe

Remia Fritessaus has always met and continues to meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), which form the basis of the 'I choose consciously' logo. However, Remia is not satisfied with the position on the 'Fritessauswijzer' list and will adjust the recipe based on these results.


With this 'Cornflakeswijzer' a number of important points have come to light, which we will work on. As an organization, we would not immediately recommend cornflakes as a 'healthy choice' within the breakfast category.

UDEA (Ekoplaza)

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