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Substantiation for public campaigns

Mar 19, 2018

Questionmark provides NGOs with substantiation of claims in campaigns about food. Read below about a few short examples.


The Hartstichting (Dutch Heart Association) used Questionmark's data to contribute to the challenge of making products healthier in their collaboration with large food producers. Questionmark provided them with analyses on several product categories, for example by comparing quantities of salt between brands.

Natuur & Milieu

Product comparisons

Natuur & Milieu (independent environmental organization committed to creating a healthy natural environment) regularly publishes benchmarks of consumer products. Since 2015, Questionmark has provided all the research needed for these product comparisons. We draw up questionnaires to gain insight into the sustainability policy of producers, we investigate the origin of products and all their individual ingredients and we investigate the environmental impact of the production method from the field to the shelf.

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