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Which crisps are the most sustainable?

Apr 26, 2019

Hoeksche Crisps

Henk Scheele, a potato farmer in de Hoeksche Waard, processes his own sustainable potatoes into crisps. This ensures that the crisps are sustainable and not too unhealthy. But how to communicate that with a limited marketing budget?

Crisps ranking

Questionmark created a ranking of paprika crisps based on health and sustainability. The ‘Hoeksche Chips’ came out on top. As a result, Henk was interviewed by national media several times and his sales increased significantly. A financial incentive to keep up the good work. The result is that a small but sustainable crisps brand without expensive quality labels gets the recognition it deserves.

Sustainable development

In addition, Henk was inspired to start using a different type of oil for frying his crisps even though he already had the leading chips. This allowed him to reduce his saturated fat content as an additional benefit.

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