How supermarkets create a sustainable food system

Superlist is a multi-year research project that provides insight into what supermarkets across Europe are doing to make the food system more sustainable. A sustainable food system provides food that is produced with respect for the environment, human rights and animal welfare, and that is healthy by default. Supermarkets influence to a large extent what their customers buy. This gives them the opportunity to make food habits healthier and more sustainable. With Superlist, we help supermarkets in Europe seize this opportunity. Superlist shows which supermarkets are leading the way and which lag behind, and what they can do to improve their position.

Superlist in Europe

Superlist started in 2019 in the Netherlands. Following the first Superlist on the theme of health published in October 2020, Superlist NL Green 2021 was published end of May 2021. Superlist UK Health 2021 and Superlist NL Animal Welfare 2021 will be published this December.

In 2022 we will publish Superlist UK Environment 2022, Superlist Belgium Environment 2022, Superlist Sweden Health 2022 and Superlist NL Health 2022.

Scientific Board

The research method for each Superlist is drawn up under the supervision of the Scientific Board. The experts on this Board ensure that the comparison of supermarkets is fair and contributes to the improvement of the food system.

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Research Method

Questionmark has developed a research approach for comparing supermarkets. This approach consists of a general research framework underlying all our research projects, and specific comparative criteria for each theme and each region. Both the gerenal framework and the specific criteria are drawn up in collaboration with our Scientific Board, civil society organisations and with input from supermarkets.

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