Data Sources

Questionmark benchmarks products to measure and compare their transparency and performance on their impact on the environment, human rights, animal welfare and our personal health. In our methodology products are compared to each other within their product category, based on standardized and scientifically substantiated topics.

For our product benchmarks we use product data and supply chain data. Product data can be found on the package of a product: ingredients, nutritional values, labels, country of origin, etc. This data is collected through different sources, amongst which: GS1, retailers and A-brands, Brandbank, by copying product information from webshops or photographing the products.

For the collection of supply chain data Questionmark is licensed to work with the questionnaires of The Sustainability Consortium (TSC). TSC is a consortium of Universities. They develop science based sustainability metrics for consumer products. Data collection is done by companies participating in a program called Transparent on Sustainability, in which they fill in the questionnaires themselves and / or via public sources of companies.

Most of the data we use comes from sources which are verified by independent third party verification. For reasons of cost and time constraints, Questionmark does not conduct any extra verification on the collected data.