Questionmark is an independent think tank. Our mission is to make the food environment support a healthy, sustainable, fair and animal-friendly food system.

We conduct pioneering, data-driven and action-oriented research. We provide advice - for policy development and practical business conduct. Our work is mostly unsolicited. 

We target, connect and partner with industries, governments, civil society, media and scientists across European countries.

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Our way of working

Action-oriented and pioneering research and advice to develop and disseminate solutions for a future proof food system.

From farm to fork and from personal health to planetary ecosystems, from human rights to animal welfare. 

We help decision makers in and around the European food sector understand the urgent challenges the food system faces and develop and disseminate new solutions. 

We follow the ‘system approach’, which means we consider all the elements in the food system and how they influence each other. 

With our programmes we 

  • Improve transparency by uncovering the workings of the food system
  • Stimulate a race to the top by pointing out both the accelerators and late-adopters of change
  • Leverage power, by focusing on well organised and therefore influential actors in the system
  • Transform consumption patterns and production methods throughout Europe 

Levers for change

Our programmes focus on leveraging the power of retail and advertising. They have great potential to stimulate healthy, sustainable, just and animal friendly production and consumption of food.


In Europe, 70% of the food we buy comes from supermarkets. At the same time only a handful of supermarkets per country are situated between food producers and consumers. This makes supermarkets a powerful lever to transform eating patterns and food production methods. 


Advertising encourages people to consume unhealthy and unsustainable food. But responsible advertising can positively influence consumption norms and contribute to healthy and sustainable consumption.

Our core values

  • Value-driven  
  • Pioneering
  • Scientific
  • Independent  
  • Constructive

European supermarkets in our scope


European civil society partners




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Charlotte Linnebank

General Director

Robert van Veen

Head of Operations

Bart van Opzeeland

Policy Advisor

Puck Simons

Communication Manager

Gustaaf Haan

Head of Research

Deborah Winkel

Senior Researcher

Pien Nijpjes


Dore de Jong


Willem van Engen

Head of Technology

Madhu Srinivasa

Software developer

Ancilla Antens

Data Collection

Tim van Kuppeveld

Data Collection

Angela Hekman

Data Collection

Ijfana Hekman

Data Collection

Supervisory Board

Miriam Offermans

Public@stake - Founder

Emma Schukkens-Coles

Voeding Leeft - Director Data and Healthcare relationships

Lisa Jordan

DRK Foundation - Managing Director

Adrie Papma

Independent consultant, Wetlands International - board member

Yvan Jansen (audit commission)

Non-Exec Director and Advisor on Strategy and Transformations

Sylvia Borren

Governance & Integrity - sr advisor, BRAC International - Supervisory board

Scientific Council

Our scientific council advises us on research methodologies to ensure our research adheres to scientific standards

Ellen van Kleef

Wageningen University

Annet Roodenburg

HAS Hogeschool

Jaap Seidell

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Michelle Westerman-Behaylo

Universiteit Amsterdam

Retail Council

Our retail council provides us with insights on the functioning of the retail industry

Constant Berkhout

Retail Consultant & Auteur

Bart Fischer

Strategy, Innovation, Digital innovation

Nathalie van Iterson

Interimmanager retail, Partner Blijplantje, WfK - Raad van Advies

Fleur Meerman

Sociaal Economische Raad - Beleidsadviseur, Open Supply Hub - bestuurslid, Retail CSR Consultancy

Eva Rutten

NHL Stenden - Docent Retailmanagement, Retail coach & trainer

Sjaak de Korte

SDK Retail Advies - Directeur

Profielfoto Tamara Zonneveld
Tamara Zonneveld

E-business consultant

Governance and financials

Our core activity consists of independent projects. These are funded by donations from philanthropic funds and civil society partners. Names of funders can be found with the description of each individual project.

On occasion, when it truly aligns with our mission, we deliver data and research services on commission.

Accountability for our governance and finances can be found in our annual reports

We have an integrity policy in order to avoid conflicts of interest and adverse incentives.

Annual reports

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