Responsible retail for a healthy and sustainable food system

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In Western Europe, nine out of ten people visit supermarkets on a weekly basis, giving these companies significant influence over consumer choices. Product assortment, price, promotions, shop layout, and even the recommended recipes within store magazines, all greatly influence consumer behaviour.

This programme called Superlist supports supermarkets in stepping up and shifting their strategies and actions towards buying and selling healthy and sustainably produced food.

Superlist is a multi-year international research programme that compares supermarkets' efforts towards a healthy, sustainable, just and animal-friendly food consumption and production. It provides practical recommendations for improvement.

Superlist compares supermarkets every two years on the impact areas health, environment, human rights and animal welfare based on their policy, assortment, promotions and shop design.


Here are our Superlist projects

Woman working in field

Superlist Social The Netherlands 2023

How do Dutch supermarkets encourage a fair food system?

Tractor on field

Superlist Green The Netherlands 2023

How do Dutch supermarkets contribute to sustainable food?

Supermarket shelf unhealthy food

Superlist Health Sweden 2022

Do Swedish supermarkets make healthy food the easy choice?

Environmental impact food system

Superlist Environment Belgium 2022

Which efforts do Belgian supermarkets take to make the food system more sustainable?

Meat shelf supermarket

Superlist Environment Sweden 2022

How do Swedish supermarkets make sustainable food the easy choice?

Superlist Health The Netherlands 2022

Which Dutch supermarket makes healthy food the easy choice?

Meat aisle supermarket

Superlist Environment UK 2022

Do English supermarkets make sustainable diets the easy choice?

Superlist Animal Welfare the Netherlands 2021

Which Dutch supermarkets are taking the lead in animal welfare?

Biodiversity - field with flowers and insects

Superlist Green The Netherlands 2021

How do Dutch supermarkets contribute to sustainable food?

Healthy shopping basket

Superlist Health the Netherlands 2020

Do Dutch supermarkets make healthy food the easy choice?

Soft drinks supermarket shelf

Superlist UK Health 2021

How do English supermarkets promote health using price promotions?

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