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Who are we? Meldpunt Voedselclaims

The challenges in our food system

The current food system is not future proof. We need to understand how it functions and turn around the negative trends that are pushing the boundaries of health, environment, human rights and animal welfare.

Problem analysis


The food environment is very decisive for the demand side of our food system. The food environment, in turn, is shaped primarily by food retailers and advertisers.

Our programmes aim to help leverage the power of food retail, promotion and advertising to stimulate a healthy, sustainable, fair and animal-friendly food system

Supermarket aisle
Responsible retail

Responsible retail for a healthy, sustainable, fair and animal-friendly food system

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Responsible promotion

Food promotion that encourages a healthy and sustainable diet.

Food prices in supermarket
Responsible Pricing

Retail food prices that make healthy and sustainable food the easy choice and enable sustainable agriculture. 

Variety of plant-based products and protein sources
Protein transition

A movement towards more plant-based diets for everyone


The transformation of the food system is in full swing. Our work contributes to this by encouraging companies into a race to the top, providing media with newsworthy facts that feed the public debate, supporting scientists to carry out impactful research, helping to substantiate campaigns by civil society organisations, providing politicians with arguments for debate and advising governments on the development of regulations.


Our research and advice serves to substantiate campaigns and advocacy of a wide variety of civil society organisations. These collaborations play a key role in dissemination of our work.

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