Lidl has been in the news regularly in the Netherlands lately. Journalists observe and question Lidl's efforts to make its retail practice more sustainable.
Lidl thus manages to stand out with its new sustainability efforts. Something we applaud, because hopefully this inspires other supermarkets to follow their example and participate in a race to the top.

However, whether Lidl is already in the leading group of responsible retailers remains to be seen. We can only determine this on the basis of measurable indicators, which make it possible to compare performance with other retailers and with sector ambitions regarding combating climate change, preserving biodiversity, reducing plastic, etc.

In our survey for Superlist Green, due in autumn 2023, Questionmark will unveil the new sustainability rankings of supermarkets and look at what improvements supermarkets have made since 2021. Then we will see if Lidl has indeed become one of the leaders in the race to the top.

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