Monitor protein transition 2023

A harmonised method to monitor the protein transition in supermarkets

Logo Ei-weet monitor

Supermarkets play a great role in the transition of animal to plant-based proteins in the Dutch consumption pattern. A method to monitor the sale of animal and plant-based products in supermarkets is a key first step to accelerating the protein transition in retail. Since 2021, Questionmark, ProVeg and the Green Protein Alliance have been working with supermarket chains and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food on this method: Eiweet for supermarkets. Establishing this method and gaining supermarkets’ agreement was the first goal of this project - which was realised in the spring of 2023.

Next, a baseline measurement will be carried out. That will provide insight into the ratio of vegetable to animal protein in the sales of all Dutch supermarkets combined. Protein ratios of individual supermarkets will be used in Superlist Green Netherlands 2023 (due in September).

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