Superlist Health Sweden 2022

Do Swedish supermarkets make healthy food the easy choice?

This Superlist Health researches the role Sweden’s largest supermarkets play in creating a healthy food environment. This role is assessed based on the share and type of promotions specifically aimed at unhealthy food.

The supermarkets with the largest market share are researched: Coop, Hemköp, ICA and Willys.

The share of unhealthy promotions for each of the four supermarkets in Superlist Health Sweden 2022

Swedish Supermarkets encourage unhealthy consumption through multi-buy promotions

Nearly half of online food promotions were for unhealthy food products (food products high in fat, sugar and salt). 80% of unhealthy promotions are offered as multi-buys (but one get one free, 3 for 50 kf), which gives consumers an incentive to purchase multiple products.


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