Board and advisory board

Sep 12, 2019


Questionmark has a statutory board. The board appoints the management and decides on the strategy of Questionmark. Questionmark's board members are unsalaried. The composition of the board consists of a mix of people from civil society and business. There are no interest representatives from the industry on the board whose products appear in the Questionmark ranking. Through this selection and mix of stakeholders from the company Questionmark guarantees its independence. The board consists of the following members:

  • Teresa Fogelberg -- Retired, Previously Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Sylvia Borren -- Retired, Previously Greenpeace and Oxfam Novib
  • Herman Kienhuis -- Managing Director KPN Ventures
  • Emma Coles -- Co-Founder at Be Vitality, previously Ahold / Albert Heijn
  • Lisa Jordan -- Institute of Social Studies
  • Adrie Papma -- Food & Business Knowledge Platform, previously Oxfam Novib

Scientific advisory board

As part of the preliminary study into the feasibility of a comparison of supermarkets (project Superlijst), Questionmark has put together a separate scientific advisory board.

  • dr. Hans Dagevos -- Wageningen University
  • dr. ir. Ellen van Kleef -- Wageningen University
  • dr. Annet Roodenburg -- HAS University of Applied Sciences
  • prof. dr. ir. Jaap Seidell -- Free University of Amsterdam
  • prof. dr. Laurens Sloot -- University of Groningen

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