Sustainability Dashboard

Dutch government takes on monitoring retailers’ sustainability performance

In 2024 the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality will launch a public dashboard that provides insight into supermarkets' progress on sustainability. The ministry uses Questionmark's knowledge and expertise, in particular that within the Superlist program, in developing the dashboard. Moreover, Questionmark supports the ministry in assessing support for the new dashboard with Dutch civil society.


Questionmark applauds the step the ministry is taking with this dashboard. Supermarkets have a key role in making the food system more sustainable. This dashboard allows all those involved in the food system to see where supermarkets are already taking responsibility and where more action is needed. Supermarkets themselves, advisors, policymakers and NGOs can use the information from the dashboard to determine which measures still need to be developed or implemented to make the food system more sustainable. In addition, the dashboard will continue to drive the race to the top among supermarkets. A task that Questionmark first took on 5 years ago and which for the first time in history is rightly being taken over by a government.

Link to dashboard

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