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Healthy and sustainable food should be the easiest choice in every supermarket. Superlist is a multi-year research project that provides insight into what supermarkets are doing to help their customers choose healthy and sustainable food. Superlist also shows which supermarkets are leading the way and which lag behind, and what they can do to improve their position. Supermarkets influence to a large extent what their customers buy. This gives them the opportunity to make Dutch food habits healthier and more sustainable. With Superlist, we help supermarkets seize this opportunity.

Over the next few years, four Superlists will be published periodically, each focusing on a different theme. The first Superlist (Health) has been published on October 13, 2020.

Environment & Nature 2021

The next Superlist focuses on the theme Environment. For Superlist Environment we again investigate the eight largest Dutch supermarkets. This time we look (among other things) to the extent to which supermarkets set goals for reducing the sale of animal proteins, making vegetable products the easiest choice, choosing products from nature-friendly agriculture, encouraging the sale of seasonal vegetables and fruits and be transparent into the packaging used.

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For Superlist Environment & Nature we work together with Natuur & Milieu.

Health 2020

The first Superlist focuses on the Health theme. During the summer of 2020, Questionmark will investigate how supermarkets compare on questions such as: How healthy is the product assortment? Does the layout of the store facilitate healthy shopping? How healthy is the promotional brochure?

For this study we are working together with four civil society organisations representing health interests: the Heart Foundation, the Diabetes Research Foundation, the Kidney Foundation, and the Stomach Liver and Bowel Foundation.

Superlist research method for Health 2020
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For Superlist Health we worked with the Heart Foundation, the Diabetes Research Foundation, the Kidney Foundation, and the Stomach Liver and Bowel Foundation.

Scientific Board

The research method for each Superlist is drawn up under the supervision of the Scientific Board. The experts on this Board ensure that the comparison of supermarkets is fair and contributes to the improvement of the food system.

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Research Method

We have a specially developed research method for researching and comparing supermarkets within the the Superlist research framework. This consists of a general research framework and specific comparative criteria for each theme. We draw up both components in collaboration with our Scientific Board, civil society organisations and with input from supermarkets.

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Preliminary Study

In 2019, Questionmark conducted a preliminary study into the feasibility of Superlist, in collaboration with the Dutch Food Transition Coalition. The result was a brief survey of differences between supermarkets. One of the findings - the fact that 80% of supermarket offerings are unhealthy - led directly to parliamentary questions and contributed to State Secretary Blokhuis of VWS (Public Health, Welfare and Sport) discussing improvements with supermarkets.

Superlist preliminary study

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